Daniels Cemetery
Flint Ridge Road

This is Daniels Cemetery located in Mammoth Cave National Park. I've visited this one a couple of times.
The first time it was in really bad shape. Trees down on stones, graves sunken in, briars everywhere.
The last time I went was this past January and the park service had cleaned the cemertery up pretty good.
Still not great, but they were making some progress. It's located on Flint Ridge Road, about a 25 yards
into the forest in Mammoth Cave National Park.

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Comments
Barlett Lucinda No Date No Date Mother
Barlett Solomon No Date No Date Father
Collins Lee May 25, 1858 March 15, 1935  
Gaddis Linda Lou March 14, 1950 March 15, 1950  
Lee Mrs. Jack No Date August 7, 1905  
Sturgeon Dorothy No Date October 14, 1908 81 years
Sturgeon Granville No Date July 25, 1912 89 yrs

The above data was compiled by Charles Finn (crfinn@insightbb.com)
and reproduced on these web pages with his permission.


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