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Then let me lie in old Kentucky;
Let me rest beneath her sod,
Where the gentle rain will lull me,
and I will rest and be with God
- John M. Lane


Adwell (7K)

Alexander (24K)

Barlow (8K)


Beaver Dam Church (4K)

Bell Key (15K) Big Reedy Church (14K)

Bransford (2K)

Brownsville Church (25K)

Cedar Grove (6K)


Clayton (6K)


Cove Hollow (13K) 

Daniels (4K) Doyle (36K) Dripping Springs (16K)
Dry Branch (4K) Fairview Baptist Church (56K) Garrett Davis (4K)
Good Springs (28K) Gravil (12K) Hawkins (54K)

Hawks (56K)


Haydon (8K)


Holder Cemetery (8K)

Holly Springs (45K)

Holton (8K)


Jaggers (12K)

John Stevenson Cemtery (8K)

Johnson (13K)

Johnson Family (4K)

Joppa Church (12K)

Kersey (12K)
Key (8K)   Kinslow (12K)

Lambert (33K)

Light (20K)

Little Hope (24K)

Little Jordan (14K) Locust Grove (20K) Luttrell (20K)

Meisel (8K)

Miller (4K)

Mammoth Cave Bapt Ch (20K)

Mount Pleasant (54K)   Oak Hill (51K)

Old Brownsville (13K)

Old Guides' (3K)

Page-Ferguson (6K)


Pine Grove Presbyterian Church (10K)

Poplar Springs Church (43K)

Poplar Springs Church Cemetery INDEX (21K)


Sanders (17K)

Silent Grove Baptist Church (17K)

Solitary Cemeteries


Sweeden Baptist Church (268K)

Sweeden Baptist Church
INDEX (122K)

Temple Hill (13K)


Vincent (7K)

Vincent Church (60K)

Vincent Church Cemetery
INDEX (28K) 


Wilkins (9K)



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