Holton Cemetery
Flint Ridge Road

Holton Cemetery is located in Mammoth Cave National Park.
About .8 mile down a gravel road, make a left onto a partial dirt road.
Go about 2.2 miles to the cemetery. You have to walk.
This cemetery was in bad shape. There were trees down across the graves.
which damaged some tombstones. There was a stone fence
around John A. Doyle another around A. & Nancy Miller, and
another around an unidentifiable grave. This data was recorded on October 1997.

Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Coats George April 14, 1821 April 20, 1905 Husband of Margaret
Coats I. N. No Date No Date  
Coats Margaret Doyle June 20, 1822 December 22, 1887 Wife of George
Crump Buck No Date No Date  
Doyle John A. January 17, 1879 September 22, 1895  
Doyle S. C. February 18, 1828 January 12, 1899  
Doyle Sutton December 13, 1833 October 21, 1901  
Holton Adlia G. October 8, 1892 April 25, 1904  
Holton W. T. March 31, 1853 March 10, 1927  
Humphrey Clevlen No Date No Date Hand Carved Stone
Humphrey Joe February 16, 1861 September 7, 1909 Hand Carved Stone
Humphrey Marvin No Date No Date  
Humphrey Nuten No Date No Date Hand Carved Stone
Humphrey Ollie December 12, 1895 October 21, 1921 Hand Carved Stone
Humphrey Paradine November 9, 1857 September 27, 1911 Hand Carved Stone
Humphrey Robert No Date No Date Hand Carved Stone
Humphry Joe January 2, 1890 September 15, 1923  
McDaniel Arthur August 22, 1892 November 1, 1892 Son of James & Dollie
Miller A. No Date No Date Husb. of Nancy - Age 37
Miller Nancy No Date No Date Wife of A. - Age 46
Wilkans Arvle September 30, 1909 December 19, 1909 Son of T. & T.
Wilkins Linie May 23, 1888 March 13, 1913  

The above data was compiled by Charles Finn (crfinn@insightbb.com)
and reproduced on these web pages with his permission.


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