Dry Branch Cemetery
Up Green River from Houchin's Ferry
Mammoth Cave National Park

Data Compiled on 30 Oct 1999

Dry Branch Cemetery is within Mammoth Cave National Park up the Green River from
Houchin's Ferry, about one hour of walking and arduous climbing over steep hills.
This cemetery was the main burying ground for the residents of the Dry Branch
Community until the Government took over the land in the late 1930's.
I counted 30 graves marked with sandstones that had no scratching initials cut
into the rocks or any other means of identifying them. The following graves were
marked with "bought" rocks which are identifiable.

Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
BLAIR R.H. Jan. 16, 1811 Feb. 26, 1895  
BLAIR Nancy     wife of R.H.; mar. Feb. 6, 1834
CRUMP J.B. Jan. 28, 1829 Feb. 22, 1916  
CRUMP Martha Sept. 10, 1827 Jul. 26, 1914  
LINDSEY Ledora May 11, 1894 Oct. 30, 1894 d/o A.M.B. & S.W. Lindsey
MOORE Nancy E. Mar. 26, 1869 Dec. 14, 1902  
MOORE Jessie W. Feb. 4, 1873 Jan. 23, 1917  
LUTTRELL James Dec. 13, 1821 Oct. 11, 1904  
LUTTRELL Nancy Jane Feb.20, 1841 Nov. 12, 1902 wife of Jim
SELF Lillie Aug 7, 1899 Mar. 30, 1900 d/o J.& M. Self
SELF Mary Apr. 16, 1859 Dec. 30, 1911  
SELF John May 17, 1849 Oct. 25, 1921  
SELF Thomas   Apr. 5, 1919 Age 63
SKAGGS William H. Mar. 20, 1865 Mar. 2, 1895 son of H.&M.

Compiler's Note: The Thomas Self listed above lived north of Green River, but was visiting friends south of the river, during a particularly hard rainy season, when he took sick and died. There was a big rise in the river, and not being able to get the body across the river, he was buried in the Dry Branch Cemetery. - Norman Warnell

The above data was compiled by Norman Warnell( Normanlw@aol.com)
and reproduced on these web pages with his permission.


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