Old Guides Cemetery
Heritage Trail (Walking 3/4 Miles)
Mammoth Cave National Park

This cemetery is just above the entrance to Mammoth Cave.
It is the cemetery that was used for the old guides of the cave
along with some of the patients who died of Tuberculosis when
the cave was used as a hospital. This cemetery was in very bad
shape. It has had a lot of people visiting the cemetery who
have not used a lot of care. There were several tombstones
that could not be read. We learn some of the history of this
cemetery from an exhibit posted outside the cemetery.

Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Bishop Stephen   June 15, 1859 37 yrs
Blair Oliver P. May 11, 1814 March 2, 1845  
Irves Margaret AFB   June 1842 25 yrs - Wife of JW

The above data was compiled by Charles Finn (crfinn@insightbb.com)
and reproduced on these web pages with his permission.


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