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The Grayson Gazette

15 July 1898 Grayson County KyGenWeb Site
Chas. H. Stuart, Editor
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Letter from T. S. Wells: Chickamauga Park, July 8, 1898. As I am the only Grayson county boy in Co. H., I will try and pen a few items to the grand old Gazette. If I can draw my mind off the wonderful objects that surround me, I will try and describe what part of the camp that I have explored. I have visited several monuments that have been erected to the memory of the noble dead of both sides , the men that wore the blue and those that wore the gray. When I gaze upon these monuments, my mind wanders back to the time when my father was fighting for his country and when the noble men who wore the gray were fighting for what they thought was right, and then I think it is my duty to fight for the grand old stars and stripes and for the country that every American boy should love and honor. When at night I lie down on the ground with nothing but a blanket under me, I think of the patriots of 1777-1778 in camp at Valley Forge, with neither blankets nor tents and with nothing to eat and no shoes to wear, and then I think what a grand government we have, one that cares for her soldiers, one that gives them plenty to eat, and wear, and then I think that we have a country that is worthy the best man’s blood that she protects, and any body who reads this ask yourself the question, is this my country? And if you are convinced that this is your country come and join in with the boys that love their country and help support and defend her. I know it is hard to leave friends and loved ones, but your fathers did, and now is a chance to show your love and honor for your country. Should this letter be printed in the grand old Gazette, I have several friends that will probably be glad to hear from me, there are several that I would be glad to hear from. I am well satisfied, and it is my intention to make a good soldier and should I live till this great war is over I hope I will meet my friends and relatives in old Grayson, the grandest part of the whole U. S., and the most generous people that live anywhere. This is my first attempt to write to the public, and should it come out all right I will try and do better the next time. With three cheers for the Gazette, I will sign my name, T. S. Wells, Co. H, 3rd Ky. Vol. Inft., Chickamauga Park, Lytle, Georgia.

  Peonia: Mrs. F. Whitworth has been on the sick list for several days. * T. Langley and wife are spending a few days this week at Big Clifty. * J. Logsdon and family returned from Big Clifty last Monday where they had been visiting relatives. * Eld. W. V. Harrell spent Saturday night with W. C. Lowrey and wife. * Evie Higdon and children, of Snap, spent Sunday with F. Whitworth and wife. * W. H. Fowler and daughter, Miss Gerta, spent Thursday in Leitchfield. * Jas. Criswell spent Monday with his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Lowrey. * M. Golladay will open school at this place July 18th. * Mrs. Ann Hill is spending the week with the family of B. J. Horrell. * Misses Annie and Lee Horrell spent a few days last week with friends at Black Rock. * Several persons from here attended the picnic at Dickeys Mill last Saturday and report a pleasant time. *

Miss Ida Grant is visiting relatives in this vicinity this week. * Misses Rosa and Gerta Fowler spent Saturday and Sunday at Wax. June & Honeysuckle

Public Notice: All persons owing the estate of A. L. Blain, deceased, please come forward and settle at once and save the costs as we have to settle the business up at once. Also persons having claims come forward. Wm. Quiggins and W. T. Young, Administrators.

Providence: Farmers have about got their wheat stacked and are now ready for the thrasher. * J. B. Fowler and family spent Monday and Tuesday visiting relatives in the Little Clifty vicinity. * Eld. W. V. Harrell filled his regular appointment at this place Saturday and Sunday. *

Misses Sudie and Emma Taylor, of the Taylor’s Chapel vicinity, spent Sunday in this community. * Miss Mollie Yates spent the past two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Kerr, of the Blooming vicinity. * C. T. Hill and wife spent Sunday with the latter’s mother, Mrs. Pete Wilton, of Grayson Springs vicinity. * W. E. Brooks and family spent Sunday evening with the family of J. B. Fowler. * Miss Mary Meredith visited in this vicinity last week. * An infant daughter made its arrival at the home of Tom Meredith one day last week. * James Riley came down from Louisville Saturday to visit his wife. * Miss Martha Kankins, who has been making her home with Aunt Pollie Harrell for some months, returned to her home last week.

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Charles Leach has submitted his transcriptions of the Grayson Gazette.
His family had the actual newspaper issues in an old trunk.

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