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The Grayson Gazette

29 October 1897 Grayson County KyGenWeb Site
Chas. H. Stuart, Editor
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Marriage Licenses: W. S. L. Larkin, 29, to Miss Manda Craig, 24, of Grayson, at New Foundation church on the 24th. * W. E. Anderson, 34, to Miss Sallie Wilson, 19, of Grayson, at Jno. Wilson’s on the 24th. * Cisero Spurrier, 38, to Miss Emma Brown, 30, of Grayson, at residence of bride on 31st. * Anthony Shartzer, 22, to Miss Amie White, 23, of Grayson, at bride’s residence on 28th. * James Decker, 23, to Miss Rosana Mercer, 17, at Charlie McGrew’s on 28th. * S. A. Seymour, Worthington, Ind., to Miss Laura Gary, of Caneyville, at Mrs. Layman’s, Leitchfield.


Millwood: The work train is here this week taking up ties and ditching. * Miss Sallie Crawford has returned home from Frankfort. * Mrs. J. W. White is spending a few days with her sister at Black Rock. * Millwood Literary Society went off nicely Friday night with a large attendance. * Mrs. H. C. Duvall and Minta have returned home from a week’s visit near Leitchfield. * Mrs. Thomas Spurrier is spending a few days with relatives at Caneyville this week. * Tom Mattingly and wife, of Breckenridge county, spent a few days with Mrs. S. E. Mattingly. * Wm. Hucker and sister, of Breckenridge county, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. J. N. Smith. * N. C. Helmick, our depot agent, has returned from Indiana accompanied by his wife and little daughter. Miss Mamie Ross, on her way home from Frankfort, stopped off here a few days with Miss Sallie Crawford.

Providence: Mr. James Condor has been very sick for several days. * Mrs. G. W. McClure, who has been confined to her room for several weeks, is improving slowly. * Roy Allison left this vicinity last Tuesday for Millerstown where he contemplates attending a school. * Mrs. Allen Harvey, of Leitchfield, spent several days of last week in this vicinity visiting her brother, G. W. Haycraft. * J. Mercer and family, of Breckenridge county, spent a portion of this week in this vicinity with families of J. Tabor and H. Vanmeter. * Mrs. T. McClure, of Forest Hill, spent Sunday in this vicinity. * J. Landis and wife and Miss Ella Kerr spent Sunday with the family of G. W. McClure. * Mrs. S. B. Smith visited at Shrewsbury last week. * J. Samuels, Jr. and wife, of Forest Hill, spent Sunday in this vicinity. * Prof. Goff spent Sunday at Bee Springs. * C. T. Hill and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday in the Bloomington vicinity visiting the latter’s mother, Mrs. Pete Wilson. * Miss Birdey Smith spent Sunday at Bee Springs. * Several young people were entertained at the residence of H. Vanmeter last Monday evening. * Mrs. W. R, Lile spent Tuesday with Mrs. James Criswell, Sr. * J. Criswell, Sr. visited his son, Robert, in the Little Clifty vicinity Monday and Tuesday.

Grayson Springs: Sim Lush and wife spent Saturday and Sunday at Nolin with friends. * Jas. Mudd and family spent Sunday as the guests of J. D. Boone and family. * W. A. Bratcher, of West Clifty, spent Sunday in this community. * Chas. Lush and wife spent Sunday with Ben Newton and family. * Mrs. Helen Horrell spent Sunday with Henry Horrell and family. * A. J. Pearl spent Sunday with Eugene Edelen and family. * Frank Horrell spent with Thomas H. Rhodes and family. * Jas. N. Lush and family spent Sunday and Monday at Wax. * Miss Mattie and Josie Horrell spent Tuesday with Miss Annie and Bettie Higdon. * Hiram Bocock, of Snap, spent Sunday with his brother John and family. * C. Y. and Scott Hayes have taken a contract to build a barn for Rev. F. X. Havelburg. * Ed Coppage and wife spent Saturday and Sunday with C. A. Cagill and family. * Mr. Jarvis, of Paducah, is stopping here and drinking the mineral water. * Uncle John Mudd says the consolidated ticket will win by 807. * R. B. Horrell and family spent Sunday on Lizzard Lick with friends. * Farmers have completed sowing wheat and some have commenced to gather corn and report one half crop.

  Big Clifty: Hiram Williams is building a new residence. Moses Terry has just finished a new wall and put in a self acting pump and is now hauling water to fill it. * Mrs. Maggie Paris and family moved back from Dyersburg, Tenn., last week. * Vess Beeler and family have moved back to their farm near Millerstown. * Dr. Terry informs us that his telephone line is complete to East View and White Mills. * Hon. Pete Cralle, mayor of Hardin Springs, and Ezra Stone passed through town this morning on their way home from Louisville. Mr. Stone went up to sell two car loads of hogs, while Mayor Cralle, we are informed, was called to the city to confer with Todd on the situation. * Mr. and Mrs. Lee Petty have gone to Louisville on a visit. Rob Carrico has charge of the depot during Mr. Petty’s absence. * Mrs. Lemuel Hughes, son and daughter, and Miss Jennie Hughes from Leitchfield, visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday. * Miss Tommie Hatfield and Miss Mollie Burkhead went to Louisville last week to remain until Christmas. Pro Tem.  

In Memory: Sad is the hour we stand around the dying bed of our loved ones. On the 18th of September, with the weeping family and other loved ones I stood around the dying bed of Uncle Perry Bozarth, of near Stones Chapel, and saw him breathe his last. When death had done its work we closed his sightless eyes, and while we pen these few lines in memory of Uncle Perry, as we always called him, he sleeps the silent sleep of death. He was born February 6, 1821, making him 76 years, seven months and nine days old when he died. He was first married to Eliza Brooks and to them was born 10 children, eight of whom are living, four boys and four girls. His second marriage was to Artie M. Duggins and to them was born four children, one is still living. His son James is a minister in the Presbyterian church, his youngest son is a minister in the old regular Baptist church. In early life he professed faith in Christ and joined the Baptist church and lived a Christian life, and was always ready to give a reason to the hope he had in Christ. He is the last one of the old set of Bozarths, his brother, Hig, dying two years ago and his brother, Isaiah, a few months since. They have crossed that dark river that we must be crossing some day and meet many loved ones on the banks of sweet deliverance where death can never go. O, what a sweet thought that God has prepared an eternal home for all who will love and obey him in this world. Uncle Perry was afflicted for many years and not able to do anything, but his afflictions are over and his release has come. He was a kind companion and a loving father; he leaves a wife and nine children and a host of friends to mourn for him. The bereaved family have our deepest sympathy and earnest prayers. W. G. Stone.

    S a m p l e   B a l l o t:    
  For Clerk of the Court of Appeals: J. G. Bailey, Republican; Sam J. Shackleford, Democrat; Jo A. Parker, People’s Party; James R. Hindman, National S. M. Ticket; E. L. Wallace, Prohibition Ticket.  
  For Circuit Judge: T. R. McBeath, Democrat  
  For State Senator: W. O. Jones, Democrat  
  For Circuit Court Clerk: Robt. H. Spurrier, Republican; Jess T. Gosnell, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Representative: John H. Rice, Republican; L. J. Owen, Consolidated Ticket  
  For County Judge: A. L. Wells, Republican; O. F. Hughes, Consolidated Ticket  
  For County Court Clerk: John B. Rogers, Republican; R. W. Tilford, Consolidated Ticket  
  For County Attorney: Z. T. Proctor, Republican; J. C. Graham, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Sheriff: J. R. Layman, Republican; C. W. Clagett, Consolidated Ticket  
  For School Superintendent: W. F. Nichols, Republican; J. R. Coyle, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Jailer: J. W. Quiggins, Republican; W. H. Coppage, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Assessor: M. D. McClure, Republican; R. L. Montgomery, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Surveyor: V. T. Hayes, Republican; Joel Wilson, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Coroner: W. R. Shartzer, Republican; T. M. Sisk, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Magistrate: John S. Little, Republican; J. Will Rogers, Consolidated Ticket  
  For Constable: S. R. Sands, Republican; Hollis Layman, Consolidated Ticket  
  Lone Butler, Dentist * A. J. Slaton, M. D. * A. T. Arnold, Dentist * W. B. Montgomery, Druggist Daniel Heybach & Son, Carpenters and Builders * W. H. Basham, General Agent, Union Central Life Insurance Co. Cannon & Cunningham, clothing, shoes, etc. * C. H. Graves, Attorney * Stone & Harned, Physicians & Surgeons  
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Charles Leach has submitted his transcriptions of the Grayson Gazette.
His family had the actual newspaper issues in an old trunk.

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