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GARDNER Viance OLDREN Lena 1 Sep 1916
HUNT Thomas F OLIVER Lucy A 22 Feb 1885
HUNT Daniel OLLER Betsy 19 Feb 1829
FARRIS James OLLER Charity 4 May 1854
WOOSLEY George OLLER Elizabeth 31 Aug 1848
WILLIS Greenville OLLER Lucinda 6 Oct 1857
YORK William OLLER Lucy 11 Dec 1877
HEATH Frederick OLLER Malinda 10 Jul 1850
HUNT Ambrose OLLER Nancy 11 Jan 1829
WOOSLEY Terrel OLLER Nancy Jane 17 Sep 1860
SUDDETH James R OLLER Rachel 11 Oct 1877
GROSS Sol OLLER Rachel 18 May 1908
DALTON J C OLLER Sally 23 Jan 1878
HACK Ransom A OLLER Sally 31 Jul 1836
SIMMONS D P OSBORN Mary E 13 May 1892
WHITTLE F P OWEN Amanda H 29 Apr 1880
HATCHER Joseph T OWEN Amanda Jane 4 Sep 1862
PARDUE James W OWEN Cynthia 21 Oct 1879
NEAGLE Adly OWENS Harriet W 24 Feb 1853
GRAY William P OWEN Paradine 23 Oct 1866
GRAY William P OWEN Sarah Ann 2 Nov 1873

The above data was compiled by:
Sandy Gorin (sgorin@glasgow-ky.com)
from old papers of the late Eva Coe Peden, and
reformated for these web pages with her permission.
No further information is available.

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