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OGATTER Sylvester WORTHINGTON Lydia 22 Sep 1841
OHELM Peter SANDBURG Augusta 31 Jul 1885
OLDHAM WIlliam BRANSFORD Clara E 12 May 1918
OLIVER George MILLER Rachel 16 Dec 1880
OLIVER George FARRIS Lisa 15 Nov 1883
OLIVER George WHITT Mary Ellen 15 Dec 1883
OLIVER Jesse WOOSLEY Lucy A 16 Oct 1873
OLIVER Holly JOHNSON Lucinda 25 Oct 1849
OLIVER J M WOOSLEY Mary Jane 15 Aug 1864
OLIVER J M Jr MILLER Eliza 13 Oct 1892
OLIVER Jacob HACK Susan Jane 8 May 1837
OLIVER James JOHNSON Patsy 9 Nov 1844
OLIVER James MISSITT Lucy 4 Jul 1858
OLIVER James M WOOSLEY Mary E 8 Aug 1864
OLIVER James M HACK Rachel A 15 Jun 1882
OLIVER John HACK Martha Ellen 8 Jan 1891
OLIVER Miles MILLER Betsy 4 Jun 1847
OLIVER Thomas ROBINSON Isabell 28 Nov 1878
OLIVER William MILLER Charlotte 4 Aug 1839
OLLER Efton MEREDITH Anna 5 Jan 1835
OLLER Olen SWANSON Jennie 12 Mar 1886
OSBORN John WHOOBREY Lottie 17 Sep 1910
OSBORN John DOYLE Myra 22 Feb 1829
OSBORN Thomas HIGGS Mary 13 Nov 1848
OSBORNE James HEATH Fannie 14 Dec 1854
OTTER John D VERTREES Nancy 9 Feb 1837
OWEN Samuel J SPEARMAN Melvinia 6 Aug 1863
OWSLEY Charley PATTERSON Fena 20 Dec 1910
OWSLEY Eugene HOUCHIN Milly 13 Nov 1828

The above data was submitted by:
Sandi Gorin (sgorin@glasgow-ky.com)
from old papers of the late Eva Coe Peden, and
reformated for these web pages with her permission.
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