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Welcome to the Edmonson Marriage Index. The index is arranged into two separate organizational groups: 1) A Male or Groom Index and 2) A Female or Bride Index. The data in both groups are identical, and differ only by their method of arrangement.

Only the names of the bride and groom and the recorded date are shown. The date may correspond to any marriage document, including a marriage bond or license, or a minster's return. No further information is available from this compilation.

This data was first compiled by the late Eva Coe Peden and subsequently provided to: Sandi Gorin (sgorin@glasgow-ky.com). Sandi transformed the data for electronic mail transmission and, in May 1998, began sending segments of data to her mailing list: South-Central-Kentucky-L@RootsWeb.com. For a short period, some portions were submitted to the mailing list: West-Central-Ky-L@RootsWeb.com. The last part was sent on July 7, 1999.

Edmonson County researchers, everywhere, are indebted to Sandi Gorin and Eva Coe Peden for the monumental effort required to compile and transmit this data, which stands as a permanent tribute to their contributions to Kentucky genealogy and history.

For those preferring hard paper copy, a soft-cover, printed version of a similar male-indexed marriage compilation is distributed by: Kathy Rajewich, PO Box 1, Brownsville, KY 42285.

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