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WILSON W C YATES July Ann 18 Feb 1891
LOGSDON John N YATES Rachel E 29 Dec 1887
DURBIN William H YATES Susan E 19 Apr 1880
GROSS Luther YORK Annie 3 Jul 1919
SALLENG Peter YORK Anny 31 Mar 1837
RAYMER Estell YORK Blanche 28 Feb 1914
HEATH M P YORK Edy E 23 Sep 1869
WEBB William H YORK Effie M 28 Dec 1899
STEPHENSON Clifford YORK Etta 25 Dec 1920
GRAVIL Willie YORK Lettie F 7 Apr 1880
BLAND Wesley YORK Liddie 12 Oct 1913
LINDSEY Jesse YORK Lillie 17 Apr 1920
GRAVEL John T C YORK Lizzie F 18 Mar 1892
PALMORE C B YORK Martha Ann N 21 Apr 1870
KINSER D D YORK Mary 30 Mar 1907
RAY B I Jr YORK Mary E 2 May 1887
MASSEY A J YORK Mary E 25 Dec 1879
LINDSEY C W YORK Maude 10 Apr 1919
LINDSEY Joseph W YORK Nancy 7 Sep 1871
VINCENT John YORK Nancy Jane 21 Mar 1864
DOYEL Granville S YORK Priscilla J 1 Jan 1891
VINCENT G W YORK Rosa M 3 Nov 1910
LINDSEY John T YORK Rosanna 22 Sep 1879
GLASS Jesse Henderson YOUNG Addie 5 May 1907
LEE James YOUNG Arlinda L 22 Feb 1843
MILLER Harrison YOUNG Della 12 Dec 1912
WHITE Cleveland YOUNG Ethie 8 Dec 1904
GARVIN Ben H YOUNG Fannie 31 May 1891
WILLIAMS P W YOUNG Laura J 1 Oct 1884
SIMMONS R F YOUNG Mary E 20 Nov 1879
RAYMER Isaac YOUNG Obedience H 5 Dec 1890

The above data was compiled by:
Sandy Gorin (sgorin@glasgow-ky.com)
from old papers of the late Eva Coe Peden, and
reformated for these web pages with her permission.
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