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Edmonson County, Kentucky Death Index, which covers deaths filed from 1911 to 1999, arranged as alphabetized lists. Only deaths actually occurring within Edmonson County, Kentucky are listed. Edmonson County residents who died elsewhere are not listed here. Furthermore, some death certificates are filed in a later year than the date of death, which may affect their listing.

I am pleased to make this data available to you in this form, because some records may be found by examination that cannot be found by using a search engine. By visually scanning the index, you may be able to find death certificates that are obscured by spelling variations and typos.

I am not responsible for errors or typos in the data and will not make corrections on this index. These same death records may be accessed from RootsWeb Kentucky Death Records, which incorporates a Post-It system, allowing the viewer to add notes pertaining to any record. You may post corrections or clarifications on the RootsWeb records after searching for them. This site does not have that capability at this time.

- Bill Vincent


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